• Lizabeth - Princess of the Prophecy

    A model of righteousness, she is always after justice.
    Yet, when she encounters something she adores,
    she can get a bit distracted and clumsy.
    She sees herself more as a knight than a princess.

  • Violet - Mystox Sniper

    Known as the "Mystox Sniper," she excels not just in
    sniping but also in close combats.
    With broad knowledge in various fields, this elite
    soldier seems flawless overall.
    However, she's frugal and tends to make mistakes in
    money matters.

  • Jan - Warrior of the Earth

    After losing to Princess Lisbeth, he joined her royal
    entourage, initially drawn by her strength.
    Now captivated by the princess's righteousness, he
    serves her wholeheartedly, training daily to become a
    suitable royal knight for Lisbeth.
    Despite his lively and cheerful nature, he remains sharp
    and perceptive with his Beastkin senses.